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3 Ways to beat the Florida Heat with your Air Conditioner

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Warmer weather is on it’s way on the Space Coast– which means your Air Conditioner will be working over-time to keep you and your family cool. But this does not mean that you have to spend a fortune to keep your home comfortable. There are  a variety of ways to beat the summer heat without driving your monthly energy bills temperature.

Fresh  Filtration:

Running you air conditioner frequently can quickly build up dirt and dust on your air filter, making it tougher for your system to move the same amount of air. Over time that can mean AC Repairs, we certainly do not want anyone to deal with this when the Florida summer temperatures gets it hottest. Keeping a fresh filter in your system can help you improve efficiency and keep your home more


Programmed Performance:

Programmable thermostats have been around for some time allowing homeowners to experience new levels of control and comfort.  Today we have affordable Wi-Fi Thermostats that let you control your comfort remotely from a bedroom or in the car returning home from a trip.  By setting the thermostat higher when your away from home allows your air conditioner to take a break and utilize the savings that comes with not cooling an empty home.


When you leave your home, close your blinds and shades this can help keep unwelcomed heat out of your home. When windows are left open, that heat can trigger your AC to turn on even when you’re not home, driving up cost and unnecessarily using energy that you’re not even feeling the benefits of. Home tip: Try Black out Curtains  to help keep even more heat out of your home.


Florida temperatures’ are on the rise so don’t let high energy expenses change your plans, these are simply little changes that can improve efficiency and keep your home comfortable.  If you would like more information  contact us: Hearth-Home Heating and Cooling  for that higher degree in service at 321-253-5555