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AC Repair in Palm Bay, FL

With over 35 years of serving customers from the Space Coast and Treasure Coast, Hearth & Home provides personalized, high-quality air conditioning repair services.

Air conditioners may have a number of problems that can affect performance as well as your comfort.

AC Repair: Receive an Accurate Diagnosis

Sometimes the problem is as obvious as your system not turning on, but other issues indicating the need for air conditioning repair include the following:

  • Air isn’t cooled enough or at all
  • Low airflow coming out of your registers
  • Increased electrical bills compared to previous years
  • Unusual, loud noises or vibrations when equipment is running
  • Uneven cooling throughout the home

Diagnosing air conditioning troubles can be a tough job for the inexperienced. Our skilled technicians possess years of experience and on-site training which assists our team in accurately diagnosing system troubles. Upon thorough inspection of your system, we will inform you of the repairs necessary to restore equipment performance. If you notice any of these signs that point to the need for AC repair, be sure to call for professional help immediately.

AC Repair: We Are Here When You Need Us

Air conditioner breakdowns are no fun at all, especially when the Florida heat is sweltering. If your air conditioner breaks down, contact us immediately. We provide quick and reliable repairs for systems of all makes and models. With Hearth & Home on the job, your air conditioning system will be back up and running sooner, allowing you to regain the cool comfort you rely on throughout the summer months.

How Much Does AC Repair Cost?

The cost of AC repair will vary, based on a number of factors, such as parts needed and the extent and complexity of the repair. If your air conditioning system is in need of repair, contact Hearth & Home to get an estimate for the work you need to restore your system.

For your peace of mind, Hearth & Home Heating and Cooling offers 24- hour emergency repair services. Simply call 321-253-5555, and we will be happy to schedule an emergency service call.

Turn to Hearth and Home for Your AC Repair Needs

Hearth & Home is a family owned and operated local business that serves Melbourne, Palm Bay, and the Central East Coast of Florida. Since 1980, we have been YOUR full-service air conditioning and air quality company and our goal is to provide the finest systems and services for residential and commercial use. Be cool and contact us now!