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Hearth & Home Heating and Cooling Offers Air Duct Cleaning to Residents in Melbourne, FL and Surrounding Areas

Melbourne, FL is a beautiful place to call home, but the long, hot summer months can really put your HVAC system to the test by clogging it with contaminants such as dirt, pollen, and even mold spores. To reduce the harmful effect on you and your loved ones, schedule an air duct cleaning with Hearth & Home Heating and Cooling.

Should I Schedule My Air Duct Cleaning Now?

A Hearth & Home Heating and Cooling air duct cleaning in Melbourne, FL is usually best to undergo during the cooler months during spring and fall, when your HVAC system is not running at its maximum capacity. Depending on the state of your system and results of your air duct cleaning, we may recommend additional services, including:

Those Melbourne, FL, residents concerned about their family’s health should call Hearth & Home Heating and Cooling today at 321-426-1717, and ask about our air duct cleaning service.