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Honeywell Zoning System

With over 35 years of serving customers from the Space Coast and Treasure Coast, Hearth & Home provides personalized, high-quality Honeywell® zoning systems.

Honeywell® has been developing zoning systems since 1945, which is when it introduced its first residential zoning system.

Honeywell® Zoning Systems: A Leader in Zoning Technology

Honeywell® zoning systems are perfect for residential and commercial applications, and up to 32 zones can be created using a single system. With complete zoning kits that include panels, zone dampers, and thermostats, Honeywell® makes zoning easy.

Honeywell® Zoning Systems: Retrofits Made Easy

Retrofitting a home or business for zoning system installation can be time-consuming and expensive, as running wire throughout the structure is intensive. Previously, this prevented many home and business owners from choosing zoning systems, even though the benefits are great. Honeywell® has eliminated these issues to make zoning installation easy and affordable with wireless zoning systems.

  • TrueZONE® zoning panels are RedLINK-enabled, allowing for wireless communication.
  • Honeywell® FocusPRO thermostats can be installed with wireless adapters, eliminating the need to run wires between each thermostat and the zoning panel.
  • Wireless outdoor sensors can also be installed, giving you an outdoor temperature and humidity reading via the thermostat.

With wireless zoning technology from Honeywell®, most zoning systems can be installed in just a day. Use Honeywell® zoning products for new zoning systems or to expand existing systems to include additional zones.

How Much Do Honeywell® Zoning Systems Cost?

The cost of installing Honeywell® zoning systems will vary from place to place, as each home and business has different zoning and comfort needs. To learn the cost of installing a new Honeywell® zoning system, contact Hearth & Home for an estimate today.

Turn to Hearth and Home for Your Zoning System Needs

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