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Is there a “Holy Grail” of Air Conditioners?

Air Conditioner Maintenance in Melbourne, FLNo two homes are alike; therefore, no single brand of Air Conditioner can provide a one-size-fits-all solution. When comparing brands for new AC installation, make sure you consider similar models. All brands manufacture builder’s grade to top-of-the-line units with added features you may deem unnecessary. We’ll take a look at the brands providing the best cooling efficiency, SEER, lowest noise levels, highest reliability and performance reviews, and solid warranties.

American Standard®

American Standard® is one of the most reliable A/Cs. With SEER ratings as high as 21, they are very energy efficient, responsive to miniscule temperature adjustments. The unit runs continuously avoiding the abrupt stops and starts of conventional compressors, which saves in energy costs. Plus, they’re exceptionally quiet. They come with a 12-year warranty on the compressor; 10-year on parts. The profile is taller than most, which may peek above your shrubs. Plant a tree. It’s a win-win.


Carrier® has a solid history of great performance and dependability. Carrier® offers quieter noise levels and SEER ratings up to 21. Contractors mention the high quality of the product manufacturing which helps it tolerate harsher climates. This means fewer repairs and a longer lifespan. They come with a 10-year warranty, but drops down to five if you forget to register. This is the only negative.


Lennox® has Stellar performance and reliability reviews. SEER ratings rise to an impressive 26, earning some models the Most Efficient Energy Star status, saving you up to 60% in energy costs. The newest model accepts solar power energy. The noise level is very low and they offer a standard 10-year warranty. Lennox® is one of the priciest but its reputation and performance are unparalleled.


Maytag® is built strong and made to last. SEER ratings climb to 25.5. The units are very quiet and come with a 12-year warranty. The newest models boast an attractive stainless steel finish and rounded corners for the safety of our little ones. The only downfall is the price tag.


Trane® has great reputation for reliability with contractors and consumers. SEER ratings reach 21. An additional air cleaner module can remove 99.8% of allergens. They offer a 12-year warranty on the compressor. Some models can be controlled remotely with your smart phone and they are one of the quietest – tied with American Standard® for lowest noise level.


Although Amana® is not the most energy efficient or the quietest, the lower initial cost and lifetime warranty on the compressor make them a definite contender for limited budgets.

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