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Myth or Fact: Falsehoods in the HVAC World

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By following a few of the misconceptions below about HVAC (Air Conditioning Services), you may be flushing money down the proverbial toilet.

MYTH: HVAC service agreements are a waste of time and money

FACT:   With proper maintenance, you can actually save money (and your sanity) by resolving potential issues before they occur. Like routine dental cleanings, your HVAC system needs regular inspections to maintain peak performance. Typical contracts are biannual at a flat rate. Periodic tune-ups not only save money in the long run, they also lengthen the life of your A/C. Consider preventative air conditioner maintenance as your unit’s “Fountain of Youth.”

MYTH: Energy efficient HVAC systems automatically lower your energy bill

FACT:   Not always true. Energy efficient systems are built to save money; however, there are a few caveats:

  • With higher upfront costs, savings will accrue over time. Patience is required.
  • The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) found that improper AC installation could waste 30% of your household energy use.
  • Incorrectly sized systems cause more wear and tear and can raise your energy bill. For more information, see: What Size Central Air Conditioner Do I Need for My Home?

If you can wait to recoup your initial investment and have properly vetted your contractor, your energy savings can be significant!

MYTH: Air filters don’t need to be replaced very often

FACT:   Factors influencing how often your filters need to be changed include filter type, climate, usage, number of people, pets, smokers, allergy or asthma sufferers in the home, etc. A basic rule of thumb is every 60-90 days, but check every month. Clogged filters overwork the unit, raise your energy costs, and compromise the health of your living environment. You can either replace filters yourself every few months, or send out our team for air cleaners and filtration service.

MYTH: Turning the thermostat all the way up/down will heat/cool faster

FACT:   A thermostat, thought we wish had human like qualities, is simply a machine. It will not work faster just because you ask it to. Adjusting your thermostat will simply tell your system when to shut off when it has reached the desired temperature.

MYTH: Closing vents saves money

FACT:   The pressure load of your HVAC system is balanced throughout the house. Consider the high pressure created in a bent garden hose. Similarly, if you block vents, this balance is thrown out of whack and, worst-case scenario, leaks can form in the ducts. You’ll also fiddle with the thermostat more because the air will naturally flow to those rooms to compensate, causing temperature fluctuations and increasing energy consumption.

And our favorite…

MYTH: Duct tape is great for sealing leaky ductwork

FACT:   Duct tape collects dust, degrades over time and eventually crumbles. Mastic tape is better for quick repairs, but it’s always best to call a licensed professional. So go ahead, knock yourself out and build a boat out of duct tape, but don’t use it for your ductwork. In fact, it’s illegal in California.

Fun Fact:         Why is it called duct tape?

Johnson & Johnson developed it in WWII to waterproof ammunition casings. The soldiers nicknamed it “Duck” tape. During the postwar housing boom an opportunist changed the color from green to silver and rebranded it “Duct” tape. It was sold in hardware stores across the country for a multitude of household repairs including ductwork.

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