RICHARDHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

Great service personnel !

Prompt, helpful information.

BOBBYHearth & Home Heating and Cooling


Brother Steven was very professional and knowledgeable about his work. I would like for him to always come and service my a/c.

AUGIEHearth & Home Heating and Cooling


Great installation of new system, good price and service.

JOSEPHHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

Great Service !

Was on time and very polite did an excellent job!

KORYHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

Prompt Service and Polite People

Things were handled very quick, from scheduling to service.  They showed up in the time frame as promised and called beforehand as promised. My only slight thing was it was a very short visit and was not much explaining of the service.
Granted I was busy while he was here so that might be a possible cause. All in all – if they went over exactly what was done and readings I would have a better idea of what was done. I would most likely call if I need service again.

JOESEPHHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

Great Service, & Awesome Price!

Came on time, fast & professional service, hassle free, & cost effective.

DAVID/KATHRYNHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

A good thorough check.

The technician, Bill, serviced the AC units at both our locations. He did a good thorough job, in one case correctly diagnosed a major problem, and made thoughtful and useful recommendations for future operations. We were very happy with his service and will ask for him again when we have Hearth and Home back again to provide service.

DAVIDHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

Honest Service, Great Price

The technician was able to show me that my system was probably not in the best condition and that the freon type my system uses was becoming obsolete.  He convinced me that I should replace my system and his price and several payment plan options was excellent.

FRANKHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

We have had good service.

Have had very good service being with Hearth and Home.

LARRYHearth & Home Heating and Cooling

It took a while to get it scheduled.

Job completed very professionally.