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Ultraviolet (UV) Lights

With over 35 years of serving customers from the Space Coast and Treasure Coast, Hearth & Home provides personalized, high-quality installation services for ultraviolet lights.

While you do your best to disinfect the surfaces in your home to stay healthy, contaminants are also in areas where you can’t clean: your duct system.

Ultraviolet Lights: Eliminate Hidden Contaminants

Mold, bacteria, germs, viruses, allergens, and more can grow and thrive inside the duct system, unbeknownst to you. As air circulates through your duct system, these contaminants are picked up and carried into your living areas, diminishing your indoor air quality and affecting your health.

With ultraviolet lights installed, your air quality will improve significantly. Indoor air is typically five times more polluted than outdoor air due to less ventilation in indoor spaces. Using ultraviolet lights will allow you to eliminate contaminants via the same ultraviolet energy that kills them outside.

Ultraviolet lights are proven effective to kill and sterilize the mold, bacteria, germs, viruses, and allergens that exist inside the ducts of your home or business. Ultraviolet lights are installed within the duct system and start working immediately. These lights are easy to maintain, and maintenance can be performed during your annual air conditioner maintenance visit.

Ultraviolet Lights: Additional Benefits

Ultraviolet lights do more than control these contaminants in your system.

  • They are effective for removing odors, eliminating them before they travel throughout the home via the duct system.
  • Ultraviolet lights are also helpful for prolonging the service life of your air conditioning system.
  • They can prevent damaging mold growth which restricts function and efficiency.

How Much Do Ultraviolet Lights Cost?

The cost of ultraviolet lights will depend on the needs of your system. Hearth & Home will help you determine how many lights are necessary to treat your ducts as well as where they should be placed. Contact us today to schedule an estimate for installing ultraviolet lights in your Melbourne, Florida area home or business.

Turn to Hearth and Home for Your Ultraviolet Lights Needs

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